1. Being Unique with Intricate Details 

  • Embrace Local Highlights with decor and aesthetics molded to the local surroundings
  • Room accessories that are custom and localized 


2. Going Green

  • Show customers that your company culture cares about the environment.
  • Simple ways to go green …
    • Recycle food waste
    • Make sure there are plenty of recycle bins for customers to use
    • Reusable amenities dispensers
    • Encourage guests to go green through communications in the rooms, lobby and digital channels.


3. Outstanding Service

  • Guests are willing to pay more for the experience they get at an independent hotel, which is a leading reason why so much attention is focussed on great service.
  • Great service starts with great staff to generate the right personality to reflect the culture of the hotel and community.
  • They also need quality serving products for the final touch.
  • Find out more about Erwyn’s customization capabilities, green products and quality serving items to help independent hotels uniquely stand out.