We see that travel is back towards pre-pandemic levels helping to revitalize the battered hospitality industry. In this new norm, we look at trends below that continue to transform the hospitality industry.

1. New Product Development

a)     Hospitality continues to offer a cleaner sanitized environment post Covid to ensure safety and cleanliness for business and leisure travelers.

b)     We see this trend continuing with products being offered like hand wipes, sanitizers and public space disinfectants readily available.

2. Sustainability

a)     Eliminating single use plastic in the hotel rooms and throughout the organization

b)     Moving toward multi-use dispensers for personal care amenities

c)     Using biodegradable, recycled plant fiber material for guestroom accessories

3. Supply Chain Management

a)     Overcoming challenges in the supply chain (Internationally and domestically)

b)     Keeping costs stable in spite of inflation, material costs, distribution cost, etc.

4. Staff Shortages

a)     Many hotels offer room cleaning services on demand due to a shortage of cleaning staff, who no longer clean daily.

b)     Needs – larger wastebasket, cut house keeping staff, cleaning on a need basis.

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5. Wellness Travel

a)     Trend in industry – spa, rejuvenation, meditation, cleanse, relaxation

b)     Supplying products for that industry sector

c)     Bon Voyage