Personal Care Amenities

Erwyn has been providing the luxury hospitality market with a broad range of personal care guest room amenity collections for over 20 years. We design and formulate our products in-house with the highest quality in mind. Manufacturing these products ourselves, we custom tailor to a hotel brand’s current needs, style, and personality, with pricing that is extremely friendly.

Cutler Collection

The Cutler product line originated from a fashion brand offering innovative technology within a compelling ingredient story meant to leave hair with healthy integrity and give women the ability to achieve the hair they want. The Cutler amenity line provides the hotel with a point Of difference and the ability to meet their guests needs of a value added, high-end luxury experience.

Drift Collection

Drift is inspired by that place in space & time where creativity happens. Where we are both relaxed and mindful, detached and focused. The place where our minds can drift and the current takes us to new possibilities. This place is in all of us and accessing it revitalizes us, even if its only for a few moments in the shower. Drift's soothing Monoi Oil fragrance will restore moisture and nutrients to your hair and Skin, set course today,

Eden Avenue collection

Eden Avenue Platinum offers a natural formulation of Verbena fragrance and the benefits Of Aloe. The cool, refreshing and vibrant fragrance of Verbena with the soothing and softening properties of Aloe Vera will leave your guests feeling rejuvenated. Our formulations are paraben free in both our liquids and soaps, Both are vegetable based and never tested on animals.

Bei Capelli Collection

Transform your skin, naturally! Bei Capelli's body care products are crafted with superior quality ingredients that offer the highest level of efficacy and purity. Our signature scent of Rosemary Mint is inviting and refreshing - perfect for everyday use and all skin types. Feel the difference for yourself and experience the power of naturally-derived ingredients for all your body care needs!

Revolve Collection

Experience the feeling of calmness and relaxation in the morning with Revolve's luxurious spa-quality Personal Care Amenities. Our signature scent of lemon mint will envelop your guests into a sense of tranquility, allowing them to start their day off on the right foot, Let Revolve make your guests' day revolve around relaxation, so they can take on whatever adventures await them!

My Earth Collection

Refresh your senses with the restorative scent of Fig & Olive. Enjoy its uplifting scent to energize the body and excite the senses. Find tranquility and serenity With the M Earth's subtle scent,

Blu Collection

Sunny days, blu skies, fresh air, summer fun, family, nature, endless summers. These are the inspirations for blu, a Mediterranean Olive Infused personal care amenity line from Erwyn once you try blu you will never want to go home.

Accessories Collection

Erwyn's generic accessories are the perfect compliment for any of our high quality boutique Personal Care Amenity lines.


We at Erwyn have long felt the biggest downside to dispensers, except for the fact that not all are tamper resistant, was the dispenser units themselves! Bulky, heavy, institutional looking designs seemed the only available option that wasn't wildly expensive. So when we decided to design our own, we knew it had to be affordable as well as sleek, safe & unseen.