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Item: C9687
Salto hi ball glass

Item: 0017.956055
Ice berg double old fashioned glass

Item: 0017.813893
Paris hi ball glass

Item: 485835
Paris shooter glass

Item: 8505
Martini glass

Item: 8506
Wine glass

Item: 8507
Champagne flute

Item: H-1771
Blossom square dof glasses

Item: H-1772
Blossom square hi ball glasses

Item: 09 12639
San marino room tumbler

Item: 09 12641
San marino room tumbler

Item: 09 12922
Top drink room tumbler

Item: 09 12924
Top drink room tumbler

Item: C1018
Room tumbler

Item: 30-53232
Aristocrat glass

Item: 30-06153
Cabernet hi ball glass

Item: 46978
Cabernet tall wine glass

Item: EVF1024
Everfrost glass

Item: 20864
Excalibur beverage glass

Item: 20873
Excalibur old fashioned glass

Item: 23876
Excalibur brandy glass

Item: 79320
Excalibur martini glass

Item: 80-71083
Excalibur tall wine glass

Item: 80-71086
Excalibur flute glass

Item: 80-13199
Excalibur optic all purpose goblet

Item: 30-40391
Islande old fashioned glass

Item: 23496
Nob hill juice glass

Item: 43739
Salto old fashioned glass

Item: 30-79698
Shetland hi ball glass

Item: 30-79728
Shetland hi ball glass

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Kraftware Products:



42431: Urbane ice bucket - with acrylic cover and chrome astro knob, a signature collection



40116: Woven rectangle tray mat - a signature collection



75254: Polished mylar ice bucket - with chrome track handle, triband accents top and bottom, chrome metal cover with chrome astro knob